Collierville Virtual Academy FAQs

The CVA is a public Collierville School.  The CVA provides 100% virtual instruction to students in grade 4-12. 

Any student that resides in Tennessee can apply for a transfer to CVA. There is a tuition cost for students inside of Shelby County for the 2023-24 school year (Non-Collierville Resident) of $450 per year and a Non-Shelby County (Must reside in Tennessee) resident tuition cost of $4200 per year. The parent must contact Collierville Virtual Academy at 901-472-8669 or emailing [email protected] to start the process. Student transfers are dependent on space availability, grades, attendance, and behavior criteria.

The CVA is open to all students enrolled in Collierville Schools in grades 4th through 12th. CVA is also open to students who reside outside of Collierville. Those students must complete an application and meet the transfer criteria. Students residing outside of Collierville must pay a tuition per board policy #6.204.

Parents must contact CVA to obtain a form to enroll their student in the CVA for the school year. If you have any questions, please call the main office at (901) 472-8669 or email at [email protected]

The CVA does not dictate a student’s physical location while attending classes. However, all students in grades 4-8 are required to attend their live classes, complete all assignments, and always follow CVA expectations.  Communications with out of country sources are blocked for safety and security reasons; therefore, students who plan to leave the country must contact the CVA prior to traveling to allow our technology department to make necessary adjustments. 

CVA school hours are 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Students are asked to commit for one academic school year.

Yes. CVA students in grades 4th-8th will receive Apple iPads and our 9th-12th students will receive Apple MacBook laptops. 

CVA is located at West Collierville Middle School off of the Bus Parking Lot at the corner of New Byhalia Road and Frank Road.

For grades 4-8, CVA follows the same curriculum and scope and sequence as the traditional schools. While the curriculum is the same, the delivery will be unique to meet the needs of online learners. Collierville Schools curriculum can be accessed here. For grades 9-12, CVA follows Tennessee state standards and our curriculum is provided through our third party vendor.

The CVA course catalog can be accessed here.


Collierville residents wanting to participate in TMSAA or TSSAA sanctioned sports will be allowed to participate with their home base school team (Collierville High School, Collierville Middle School, or West Collierville Middle School). Students residing outside of Collierville will not be allowed to participate in TMSAA or TSSAA athletics.

Students in grades 4-8 will be learning at home via live instruction from Collierville Schools teachers. Student bell schedules can be found here.

Students in grades 9-12 will be asynchronous learning at home, with students scheduling one-on-one sessions as needed with teachers.

Yes. Since CVA is a Tennessee Public School, it is obligated to record attendance for each student. CVA will adhere to the Collierville Schools attendance policy 6.200.

Students will be learning from home, however, for required benchmark and state testing the students will be asked to come in person. All scheduled in-person testing will be announced to allow parents enough time to plan.

Any new instruction will be recorded and available for learners to view after the live instruction has ended.

Teachers in 4-8 will have the same designated time every day for students to be able to get help. Students can schedule one-on-one time with their teacher during office hours. Students are also encouraged to email their teachers.


Students in 9-12 will be able to schedule times to get help from their teachers but the time will vary from teacher to teacher.

YES! CVA has events for our CVA students and parents to meet the CVA faculty and each other. CVA develops events that will allow students and parents to have fun. CVA plans field trips to enhance the learning student are receiving in the classroom.

Learning coaches are required for students in grades 4-8. Learning coaches are recommended for students in grades 9-12.

Students will be provided access to content through a class schedule in the virtual learning program. It is not expected or advised that a student spend 6.5 hours interacting solely on a computer. Daily activities can include: live class with teacher, viewing recorded activities, participating in online modules/activities, completing activities in consumable materials, chats with teacher/and peers, etc.

If a student does not do well in CVA due to academic, attendance, or behavioral performance, the transfer may be rescinded. Transfer students that pay a tuition (out of district) will not have the tuition refunded due to a transfer being rescinded.

Any student that does not participate in class may be marked absent for the class period. Teachers will communicate with students and parents when there is a concern with class participation.

Students receiving services through an IEP or 504 plan will still receive their services as decided by the 504 or IEP team and documented in their individualized plan, but services will be delivered by CVA teachers.

ESL Services will be delivered by CVA teachers. English Learners receive their services and allowable accommodations in line with the student’s Individual Learning Plan and decisions by the ILP team.

For grades 4-8, the CVA teachers are Collierville Schools teachers. For grades 9-12, the teachers will be state certified teachers through our third party online platform (Village Virtual).

CVA is located at West Collierville Middle School. Our office is accessible from the Bus Parking Lot at the corner of New Byhalia Road and Frank Road.

Yes. High speed internet access is a requirement for CVA. Students that do not have high speed internet access will need to be an in-person learner at their base school.

CVA has supply lists for our 4-8 students as well as our 9-12 students. Please access them here.

Students must be logged in and ready to learn by the start of the class period. Ready to learn means that the students are seated with cameras on and participate in class when asked by their teacher.